Parent Teacher Association

Qatar Acacemy Msheireb  believes that home-school partnerships are characterized by: A belief that schools, families and students share the responsibility for student success, a commitment to joint action, a student focus, and are socially responsble and focus on building collaborative realtionships based on mutual respect.

The recently established QAM PTA is a partnership between QAM parents and staff, and strives  to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of students in the school.  Furhter to this, it provides a forum for parents to gain a deeper understanding of the school, and a platform for the sharing of perspectives about what is happening, promoting parent agency.

Over the course of the year the PTA hosts a  range of social events and activites with the aim of strengthening home-school partnerships, and in turn deepening the  sense of belonging for all members of the school community.

Parent Teacher Association

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