PS3 & PS4 KG – G5
School starts 7:10 am 7:10 am
Dismissal time 11:50 am 1:50 pm
 Dismissal on Tuesdays  12:40 pm 12:40 pm



  • PS3 & PS4 students go to classrooms with parents between 6:45 am and 7:10 am
  • KG – G5 students arrive in B1 and move, independently, to classrooms between 6:45am and 7:10 am.

School Staff provide supervision on B1 Level and in the corridors from 6:45 am.

To enable the best possible learning outcomes students must attend school on time, every day. A late pass is required for entry to classrooms after 7:10 am.


  • PS3 & PS4 collected from classrooms at 11:50 am (12:40 pm on Tuesday)
  • KG, G1, G2, G3, G4 collected from classrooms at 1:50 pm (12:40 pm on Tuesday)
  • G5 (and siblings) collected from B1 Level at 1:50 pm (12:40 pm on Tuesday)

Supervision after school is limited. Children must be collected on time.

The school attendance policy clearly outlines consequences for habitual tardiness and late pickup. Click to read attendance policy
As per Qatari law, seat belts should be used: We ask that all students of Qatar Academy Msheireb arrive with seatbelts on, and that seatbelts be fastened before they drive away.


To ensure safety, and efficient traffic flow:

  • Please follow directions of QF Security Staff at all times
  • Cars must drive to the farthest drop off zone before passengers alight
  • Children are to be let out on the curb side of the car
  • Passengers be prepared to leave vehicles promptly upon arrival
  • If parking, use designated parking areas. Please turn ignition off.
  • Children must be accompanied and fully supervised in the Car Park

Your cooperation is expected and appreciated to provide a safe atmosphere for your children. Please discuss this information with your driver as well.


  • QF Attendance policy will be strictly enforced starting the first day of school.
  • Students may enter classrooms from 6:45am ready for lessons to commence at 7:10am
  • Student attendance is recorded electronically by the class teacher up until 7:10am
  • When arriving late or outside normal arrival time students must collect a tardy pass. The receptionist electronically records student attendance of tardy students.
  • Any student arriving in the classroom after 7:10am without a slip is to be returned to Reception to collect a tardy pass.
  • Parents must seek approval from the principal before students can leave during school hours. Students leaving the campus during school hours must leave via Reception so that they are electronically signed out.
  • The receptionist will track students who are late on a regular basis and parents will be contacted as per the attendance policy.

During student absence, provision of learning materials is NOT an expectation for teachers. Extended leave for medical purposes is an exception


For information about the fee structure for the 2022-23 academic year please click on the following: Fee Schedule


Our school website is updated regularly with important announcements, news, calendars, and other information about the school. Please visit the website regularly:


Nutritionally balanced, healthy food choices are provided for students at school. There is no need to bring any food to school. The School Cafeteria can cater for food allergies. If a child has food allergies, a medical certificate with full details of the allergies must be provided to the school nurse. Each child should bring their own, reusable, water bottle to school.

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